About Us
 Why Center Design
 Design Process
  • Resource integration
    One of our competitive advantage of Center design is the ability to organize a number of different services under one roof; with each project tailored towards the client's specific requirements.
    Integrated services from research and development, industrial design, structure engineering to prototype, let your company to diversify into more profitable market.

  • Cross functional teams
    Our cross functional team formed by experience and young fresh designer to combine ideas in a new ways,anticipating future trend, flexible problem solving, visualize and apply a visual language to develop of products.

  • Design management
    Closely monitoring design activity, schedules, cost and quality to launch new products line to market in limited time.

  • Appropriate Innovation
    Satisfy the needs of the consumer by the available technology, while fulfilling the business needs of our clients

  • Production support
    Our dedicated mechanical design staff has over 25 years of combined experience in bringing products to life, From an idea sketch to production feasibility, helps our client to control the cost within the budgets.

  • Advanced Equipments & Facilities
    Advanced support tools, such as CAD and prototyping equipment to assist with quality and speed of development.