About Us
 Why Center Design
 Design Process
  • Turn ideas to opportunities
    Center Design was formed in 1983 by 3 partners, based in Taipei, Taiwan. We are full services consultant specialized in industrial design, structure engineering to first article delivery, design research to manufacturing. Center design help clients innovate through stimulate ideas to validate product.

    Our main goal is bring client’s products to highest level by innovative and tactical strategy, through understanding of perspective on market trend to end user, by challenge assumption, we bring the new perspective of problem solving, tailored to suit each particular project.

    Center design is committed to product design and development that challenges convention, evokes a visual and tactile connection with users, offers effortless efficiency and optimal function. We strive to maintain the highest standards of design integrity and quality product design within our industrial design services. We treat our client as our partners and together, we will effect positive change in the industrial design profession.

    We are passionate and gradually explore for the next wonder !

  • Experience
    Our design staffs has over 25 years of combined experience in bringing products to life, from an idea sketch to production feasibility, helps our client to control the cost within the budgets.

  • Resources integrated
    One of our competitive advantages of Center design is the ability to organize a number of different services under one roof; with each project tailored towards the client's specific requirements. Integrated services from research and development, industrial design, structure engineering to prototype, let your company to diversify into more profitable market.